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The American National Anthem, After Pinter

You are ugly
I am beautiful

You are foreign
I am native

You are a traitor
I am a patriot

You smell bad
I smell good

Your god is bad
My god is good

Your ancestors are heathens
My ancestors are chosen

You have  a spear
I have a gun

You are a terrorist
I am a freedom fighter

You are stupid
I am smart

You are primitive
I am civilized

You are a thief
I am the law

You like to share
I like to take

You are mystical
I am rational

You are an object
I am a subject

You are a target
I am a drone


You are darkness
I am light

You are a woman
I am a man

You are my servant
I am your master

Do as I say
I will care for you

Trust in me
I am your lord and savior

God is good
God is great

I am your God

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